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Made in Korea by Mojo, the Chi_You mod has amazing appeal. From aesthetics to functionality, along with the simplicity of the device, vapers all around the world are eagerly trying to attain their own Chi_You mod. This mechanical mod, available in brass or stainless steel, is classy and clean. There are beautiful, culturally inspired, engravings found on the 18350 tube as well as on the bottom button. These engravings are executed with a laser engraver to ensure precision on each finished project.

The tube itself has the MOJO logo on one side, with “Chi_You The Great Warrior King” written in Korean Hangul characters; along with the mod’s serial number on the other. The bottom button has the MOJO logo as well, with the version year and “Style of mojo” engraved on it. This “five-piece” device arrives to you completely put together. It’s non-telescopic, but this mod breaks down into five pieces, providing you three different tubes to accommodate housing one of three batteries; an 18350, an 18490 or an 18650. To accommodate the 490 or 650, you simply attach one of the extension tubes to the 350 tube & voilà. The remaining two pieces are the bottom button and the top cap.

The bottom button has an exquisite switch, that is easily fired because it sits comfortably in your hand. The ring on the bottom cap conveniently twists down to lock your mod from firing, so it can sit safely in your pocket! The Chi_You mod’s top cap ring allows for adjustable air-flow, also by conveniently twisting to adjust.

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+rep...good service :) (1 month ago)
Fast service, very reliable dealer. Keep me updated with the tracking number right after packing the stuff. Will definitely deal with this seller again. :) (8 months ago)
fast delivery........gave me a gift too......terbaik.... (10 months ago)
Trusted seller. (1 year ago)
Good Responsibility。。。 (1 year ago)
Thanks banyak banyak (1 year ago)
tq bro (1 year ago)
Quality product. Love it bro. Thanks. (1 year ago)
quality product... (1 year ago)
Fast delivery (1 year ago)

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